Trojan Industry Co., Ltd was established in 2006. In the early days of its opening, it was a joint factory of UNITED STEEL ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION CORP. and Chimei LCM Corporation. Its main business was raised floor, conductive floor tiles, and conductive Epoxy construction. Currently Trojan is focusing on professional clean room projects that the main projects include aluminum alloy raised floors, PVC conductive tiles, and EPOXY floors.


With the vigorous development of sophisticated industries, we are based on the concept of sustainable management, continuous development and feasibility research to introduce products and technologies from abroad. Our company distributes South Korea's conductive floor tiles, which are mainly used forraised floor, electronics factory, clean room, hospital operating room, laboratory, computing center, communication room and other places that need to be anti-static.


In addition, Trojan distributes Youte calcium silicate board and cement fiber boards are high-quality construction boards of a well-known Belgian group. Focusing on collaborative construction and material trading, the main projects include ceiling system, compartment system, design, planning, and construction. Youte calcium silicate board is a high-quality building board that meets the needs of the times that is not only with fire resistance and flame resistance, but also with not containing any asbestos. It also meets the safety and health needs of modern buildings.


With better and better quality and results, we uphold the company's three principles to serve customers no matter in the construction process or after completion of the service, providing customers with first-class engineering services and perfect consulting. In Taiwan, there have been many successful cases of using Youte boards on dry and wet partition walls, exterior walls and ceilings in various public and private institutions.


With the change of the social system, the enhancement of humanity culture and competition efficiency, our company adheres to the three principles of "humanity norms, benign interaction, and intellectual concepts" to make the construction quality more refined. The enterprise management system must face the impact and competition of the trend, and predicting the change of the trend is the goal of the company's operation. While focusing on profit, paying attention to the rights and interests of customers is the responsibility we must bear. Only in this way can we develop more effectively and profits, and then achieve the goal of mutual benefit, and can bring customers newer, better concepts and service quality.


Operating items

⑴Engineering construction: Tainan Art Museum,Kaohsiung Medical University, Zhongyu Environmental Protection Magnetics Yingci Magnetic Powder Factory, Hengyi Corporate Headquarter.

⑵Import and export of building materials: India, the United States, South Korea.

(3) Building materials: fiber cement board,precasting concrete wall board, conductive floor tiles and other special materials.

⑷Material processing: ceiling coating processing.