Youte cement fiber board

Youte lightweight partition wall is a new choice to replace the traditional partition wall construction method. It has innovative construction materials and construction methods with light weight, high quality, short construction period, low labor volume, fire prevention, moisture resistance and high strength. Youte light partition wall is more excellent than other partition wall construction methods. Its construction eliminates the waste of manpower for priming, lightening, hydropower piping, slotting and digging, and it is incomparable in a class in terms of isolation, knocking and hanging performance. The system construction method itself is a ductile structure with high eccentricity between layers and good shockproof performance.

Precasting concrete wall board

Standard board width: 610mm Thickness range: 35mm. 50mm. 75mm . 100mm Standard board length: 1830mm. 2440mm. 3050mm Mainly be used for exterior walls, floor slabs, roofs, inner walls for hanging stones, double wall for basements, etc.

Wood-grain fiber cement board

A kind of fiber cement board decorated with high-temperature and high-pressure autoclave treatment, and the surface has typical uneven natural cedar wood grain, so the appearance is more natural and beautiful. The product is lightweight with thermal insulation. The decorative function is good and the surface of wood grain cement board with the green environmental

ESD conductive floor tiles

Excellent conductivity:surface and ground electrical resistance (2.5ⅹ10 ^ 4 ~ 1.0ⅹ10 ^ 9Ω), static decay time (5,000V to 500): <0.25 seconds, the conductive particles formed in the special network structure are semi-permanent, so that it can completely prevent static electricity. Excellent design: produce luxurious colors and natural design similar to marble to enhance the atmosphere of the room. Durability:abrasion resistance, water resistance and chemical resistance. Prevent dust pollution:Since the electric potential of the tile floor surface is very low, there is almost no dust accumulation. Therefore it is excellent in cleaning and removing pollutants. Excellent anti-load capacity:all kinds of equipment, carriers and beds --- ect. are moved without any abnormalities. Excellent flame resistance:PVC tiles with flame resistance can prevent fire hazards. Excellent physical properties:Excellent physical properties: manufactured with the highest quality raw materials, the comfort and excellent flexibility when walking makes it not break during the process of construction and perforation, and has excellent thickness control, dimensional stability, and no undulations and crevices.